german corona app source code - extra lulzy

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german corona app source code - extra lulzy

Post by bad_brain »

it's always hard to find something more cringe-worthy than software developed by the german authorities, just take the 90's style trojan they developed to "fight terrorism" where the targets would had to manually exec an email attachement... :lol:

here is the latest coup: the 'rona app. after loads of criticism they released the source code, and it caused a wave of laughter because here's what they did:
- take open source modules
- remove all comments from the code including the original author
- keep it under BSD license posing as original author
- trying to obfuscate the code by editing whitespaces so original developers don't find it
- adding custom license notices like:
- you're not allowed to analyze the code if you're "commercial"
- it's not allowed to "translate" the code, which includes compiling it ... b620435fc/

P.S. here's the (german) post/twitter thread of the guys over at zerforschung who made stolen code issue public:

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Re: german corona app source code - extra lulzy

Post by computathug »

The classic example of being above the law. Do as we say not as we do! :lol:
The devil can cite Scripture for his purpose.
-- William Shakespeare, "The Merchant of Venice"

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