Setting up an Online Business - PT3 Installing Wordpress

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Setting up an Online Business - PT3 Installing Wordpress

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Login to your control panel.
example -
Add PASSWORD - Use a mixture of upercase and lowercase letters and numbers
example - Od177dae
Setup the Database
example - blde5x3t_57
example - jev4gsrg_37
example - R5z2nnng7

So now the database and FTP server is set up we can move on and install WordPress.

Download the latest version of wordpress
Unpack the folder and and leave it somewhere easy to find. I use the desktop so that i can just delete it once i have finished. There is no reason to save the file, if you need it again it is better to download it again as it is updated quite regularly.

For the next part we need to install an FTP Client and another editor rather than notepad. In this example we will use Notepad++ Filezilla.
Windows: Install the latest version
Install Filezilla Client
Install on Linux/Ubuntu
> sudo apt-get update
> sudo apt-get install filezilla
Can use any editor within the Operating System you are using.

Open Filezilla and connect to the server with details you set in the previous step.

Once you are connected you will see two main areas. On the left hand side you will see the directories and files on your computer and on the right is the server we will be transferring the files to so we can install WordPress.
Open the htdocs folder in the right window which is the destination folder where we will transfer all the files to.
Open the folder where WordPress is located on your computer in the left window of Filezilla then select all the contents of the folder and transfer over to the server space.
We can do this simply by using the shortcut keys CTRL+A and then dragging all the folders into the right window panel - htdocs.

While all the files are loading we can set up our WordPress file to connect to our database that we also created in the earlier step.

Open the WordPress directory on your desktop or other location and find
and open it with notepad ++ or an other editor you are using.

Change the MSQL NAME, MYSQL USERNAME, MYSQL USERPASSWORD to the ones we used when setting the SQL Database in the control panel.
do not forget to use the link to generate the salted hash
Scroll down and find wp_ and also change this
example - mdfj_34

save the file as wp-config.php. Once WordPress has full transferred to the server then also locate this file and transfer the file.

Once you have done this We should be ready for the next Step.
Go to and follow the onscreen instructions. Add Username, An Admin email account set Country and in these few easy steps you have now installed WordPress.

WordPress comes wit a basic theme preinstalled. There are many themes to choose from and doing a simple Google search you will be able to find one that has already been created and is suitably ready for your needs.
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