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Banned from MySpace!!!

Posted: 28 Jul 2006, 10:26
by LaBlueGirl
w00t lol.

Lost my account today :lol:

Ok, so I was talked into creating an account there by my bff.

When creating/editing your profile, you can add HTML/css into any text field. (Verbatim, ppl).

So, LBG decides to pimp her space out with her own stylesheets.
Doesn't work.
External stylesheets.
Most styles applied don't work.

Frustration sets in (default color combination is blue, white and orange. Tom must be colorblind).
So I break down and use a layout. (yeah, shoot me now and get it over with!).
I realized after perusing generated layouts how it works (doesn't need a real css doc, just the style tags that would be in <head>).
Glad they *told* me this:)

So last night, I start messing around with MySpaces' css.
Copied and pasted from their source, and I either modified their meta tags..or...*something* else....(I am going to try and duplicate what I did again) along with selector {property: value}.

My account was "suspended for special reasons" this morning, and a little while ago it was cancelled :)
Possible IP ban LMFAO.
(In essence, I overrided their default css styles and used my own, set as "default" bwahahahahaha)
I have tried creating different accounts using different information I have at my disposal. Nice little error messages always accompany my Submit click :lol:

Monday I can use a diff computer to see if it really is a ban or not.

Soooo....while this is by no means a hack (and it was *quite* by accident), I got my account cancelled b/c the stupid f*ckers left a css exploit wide-the-hell open on their site:)

I would think a person of my stature would be of little concern to them. Bigger fish to fry and all that (check for news related to MySpace).

It is too funny:)

That's rich.

Posted: 28 Jul 2006, 11:17
by Stavros
That's funny. I couldn't give two shits about MySpace and the morons that are on it (save a few, including LBG). And the fiasco with the moron that wanted to sue Myspace *for her own fault*, but that's not to be discussed in this thread.

On a note partially related to the article: I lost faith in CNN when they broadcast some asshole just as pompous and dogmatic as Bill O'Reilley. Which happened to be last night while waiting for the 'plane flight back to Mississippi.

Posted: 28 Jul 2006, 11:52
by Necrix
Yeah..quite I few people I know believe to be biased.

As for myspace. I'm guilty. If I had to justify it(which I don't) I could say how I have a friend who's parents won't let her have instant messenger, but they will let her have myspace. Which is kinda dumbass...but..well, that's the way they are, I guess.

It's a way to keep track of people, and not a bad way to listen to new bands.

There is no such thing

Posted: 28 Jul 2006, 11:57
by LaBlueGirl
as unbiased news reporting.

Sad, but very true.

In one of my Poli Sci classes at UNO, we were advised to read as many news sources as available to get the best picture possible.

I subscribe to South Korean news sites (digital chosun ilbo) to conspiracy sites (the rumor mill), and then some.

Some of my friends in the Way-Back machine are only available (for me) via MySpace, so I am guilty as charged :)

I am able to create another account so no IP ban lol.
Guess they were just pissy :roll: