How to ask for help here on the forums

No explicit questions like "how do I hack" please!
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How to ask for help here on the forums

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Here is a short guide to help you get help in the forums, please read carefully as this will be an amendment to the rules...

1. Search for an answer to your problem first, there may be an old thread detailing your specific issue, and its wise to research your problem before asking for help, it shows an intuitive knack for teaching yourself to problem solve and troubleshoot your own issues, plus Staff will be more likely to hook you up later down the line....we should not have to tell you to goto or supply you with search engine link results.

2. Be as detailed about the issue as possible, name what applications your using, what operating systems, weather your on a LAN or just the net etc... Staff and other members should not have to ask you for more information unless its a possible oversite. Staff will be asked to lightly ignore posts that are not detailed enough.

3. Be respectful to all members and staff, even in the face of diversity and opposing opinions. Flaming is disallowed on the forums and is shakily kept in check, but it does happen at times, if you want to debate an issue, take it to the debate board, but if you get offended or flamed and the problem isnt taken care of notify me or Bad_Brain or the other staff members and the issue will be resolved.

4. Remember that participating in the forums by helping others and submitting content and being involved in discussion plays a major role in how your viewed by others on the site, stick to the focus of the site as a learning and development atmosphere, for every question you ask, there should be a question you answer.

Please keep this guide in will benefit you later