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Re: Project: Network Rebuild

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Ok I've a bit of an update. Last year my wife and I moved houses. I ended up setting everything back up and I'll make a post and post some pictures about that. Suffice to say we moved to a much nicer neighborhood. A gated neighborhood with tennis courts and a swimming pool. If I were to move anywhere else and stay in Mississippi it would be a downgrade. Suffice to say if we move it will be to another state.

I'll PM you the house we bought B_B once you see this post. I'm not too keen on putting it out there even though a handful of people at most will see this.

Anyway not much changed. I upgraded from running Cat5e to Cat6A in the walls. I put in a 4 wire jack in the home office and that's about the extent of my wire runs so far. The house is still a bit of a warehouse.

I do have other projects I want to do:
  • Rebuild desktop
  • Fitness app using Flutter
  • Build a server with a 32 core Epyc CPU
  • Build OPNSense router
Already started the Fitness app, but I'm running out of HDD space and running too many things at once bogs my computer down. The Android emulator is a resource hog. Also I'm not buying another HDD/SSD until I rebuild my desktop.

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