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It depends on your location, Sternbilchen.

Well..they pretty much are everywhere. It depends on where you are, and when you are there if you see them or not. Basically, around here, they have roads that people know to stay off of at night.
(Hopkins St., Anne St., Deere St., etc. I'm just mentioning a few of them that are around where I live)
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It's not really bad in my town, but i did have a lunatic neighber that set my house on fire 3 years ago. Fortunately, he's back in the jail he came out of. And yes, america is bad in some areas, living in smaller towns is better, less people makes less problems. In america, there's about 10,000 deaths per year. At least that's what some statistician said.
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New Orleans

Post by LaBlueGirl »

Is the murder capital, again.

We have places to stay away from.
Mary Poppins projects.
Back of Ames.
4th street.
Parts of Algiers.

They imploded the Fisher housing projects about 2 years ago:)
And this is all the Westbank, not even the city of New Orleans you hear about on TV. (the city is a 5-10 min drive from where I used to live).
There are gangs, but most of our crime is territory-by-drugs related.

Here. This is from the past 3 days' news:

10:06 PM CDT on Friday, July 21, 2006


Three men were shot Friday evening on a busy neighborhood street in the West Carrollton area during an apparent drive-by-shooting.

08:21 AM CDT on Friday, July 21, 2006


An armed suspect fleeing from Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s deputies was involved in a three-car accident Friday morning in Marrero.

11:41 AM CDT on Friday, July 21, 2006


Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s deputies said a man died Thursday night after being shot in Waggaman. It was the 30th homicide in the parish this year, coming off the heels of a double murder and two retaliatory shootings in Marrero.

10:13 PM CDT on Thursday, July 20, 2006


New Orleans Police are searching for at least two suspects Thursday after a shooting on Jeannie Marie Place, near Paris Avenue.
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