MSN Locker X - [Msn Account Freezer] And Fake Web Logins

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MSN Locker X - [Msn Account Freezer] And Fake Web Logins

Post by winkillerx »

Just wanted to tell you about my program, I coded in VB. MSN Locker X, is a Msn/Hotmail account

freezer. What it does, is it sends bad password attempts from the email you wanna freeze, to the

msn server, ( and it keeps looping the bad password attempts. Now when

Hotmail receives all these bad password attempts, it will lock the account. The user will not be

able to check their inbox or sign on msn messenger.

Also, I wanna tell you about my fake web logins. These look like the real web logins, but

actually have a username/password recording script and will send the user's submitted information

straight to your email account.

How To Make Fake Web Logins:

View Tutorial

Download, MSN Locker X -

Download Here

Or you can visit my site at:


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Post by Gogeta70 »

I'll approve this, considering it isn't an illegal program. But remember to ask the staff for permission to promote or advertise programs next time. Good job.
¯\_(ツ)_/¯ It works on my machine...

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