Packet sniffing/Pecket sending

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Packet sniffing/Pecket sending

Post by EnvyHax »

Ok, I am downloading a program right now, called Sniff'em, it is a packet sniffer.

Ok, here is my problem, how do I send packets out?
Manually like.

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Post by bad_brain »

Well, the easiest way is a simple ping.
If you want to create packets by your own you will need a deeper understanding of the TCP/IP-protocols, here you can get a program to create packets and even own protocols:
But simply by connecting to a host using TCP packets are send because TCP uses the 3-way-handshake to connect:

HOST A--->sends a packet with SYN-flag set-->HOST B
HOST B-->sends a packet with SYN+ACK-flags set-->HOST A
HOST A-->sends a packet with ACK-flag set-->HOST B
-----connection established------

Try different services like sending an email (SMTP-protocol) or FTP to see what kind of packets are beeing sent and get some experience... :wink:

P.S.I don´t know how good Sniff'em is, best imo are Ethereal and Snort.

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