need help

No explicit questions like "how do I hack" please!
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need help

Post by no_alone »

There is a website (that i'm registered at) and you need to enter 3 thing , usename password and id .
Well i have those 3 and i'm in the website, its just that i have accsess only to a copel of places in the website, i ecsedently sow that i do have accses to more placese that i soposed to have and i wanted to check all the urls to see with one i have accses to and witch i dont have.
the placese that you need premision to are ... UploadXXXX

XXXX= numbers from 0-15000.

for exemple:
i have access to ... Upload7314

I dont have accsses to : ... ne=Upload2

and i get in responde (becuse i dont have accsess): ... %3Dnull%26

and i found out that i have accsess (even duw i sholdnt have ) to : ... Upload6117

My idia was to find a program that will start entering each one of the address: exemple: ... ne=Upload1 (not found) ... ne=Upload2 (no accsess) ... ne=Upload3 (not found) ... ne=Upload4 (not found) ... ne=Upload5 (not found) ... ne=Upload6 (have access)

a program that will change the number in the end of the url each time and will save the responde, i'll come after a houer or two and see what i ahve premision and what i dont have.

Do anyone can help me finding something that will help me do it?
cuzz i cant do it manuly .

By the way great great forum

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Post by CommonStray »

hey no_alone, interesting post

i think the type of program that your looking for is a URL scanner, or something along the lines of a URL Range Scanner, to validate the sites your talking about

if your registered to the website you should have access rights to those parts of the site if you can access some or most of them already, contact the system admin of the site and tell him/her what the deal is.

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