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Sep. 19 2005 - Dec. 14 2007
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On the way to fame!
On the way to fame!
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Info reqd

Post by evileye »

Hello admin!

M evileye, from INDIA, well first of all i wud like to say that the organization of the site is very nice. It feels gr8 to be a member of this site. Well here is what i m askin for ARE tre any points for something i post and do u offer shell accounts,cc's and like stuff for the exchange of points.... M from 133thackers forum tre its the case well please PM me if u feel What i have asked for is REVELANT else just delete this PM.
Aniways nics site.

cyber messiah
cyber messiah
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Post by pseudo_opcode »

First of all, its the wrong section to post this, you should have introduced yourself, we have a dedicated thread for that.

Secondly i dont know about shell accounts, but if cc n your post means credit cards, then you are at the wrong place, i hope you have already read the rules.

Lastly its embarrasing that a person from INDIA is asking for credit cards