A must have for Hackers.

No explicit questions like "how do I hack xxx.com" please!
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A must have for Hackers.

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I think that for more Black Hatters than Wardrivers would need a floopy disk of DOOM. My Floopy disk of doom has about 9 Viruses that will completely Destroy someones computer. And bounded some Trojans in there if I really wanted to mess with them. Basicly what I think is good in a Floppy Disk of doom would be some of the Following.

1. A key logger of some sort (I recommend Elite Keylogger).
2. A completely computer f*cker-uper virus. (Suck as Blaster Worm. Nimda,Or Sasser).
3. A Trojan (Just incase something goes wrong with the viruses you still have access to the PC and can transfer files that way.).
4. A Person/Buisness/School you dislike (I recommend not doing it to random people because I think that would be just wrong. But people who deserves to be ass raped by a Floppy Disk of doom. Like a Hot Shot asshole who thinks he can hack the world and is a total Script Kiddy.).

These are just some sejestions of Floppy Disks of Doom. Here is the Virus Report on my Floppy Disk :D .

wido anti-spyware - Scan Report

+ Created at: 2:48:10 PM 9/5/2006

+ Scan result:

A:\vir.exe -> Trojan.Agent.sr : No action taken.
A:\MXZ.exe -> Trojan.VB.hs : No action taken.
A:\00001.exe -> Trojan.VB.hy : No action taken.
A:\happy99.exe -> Worm.Happy : No action taken.
A:\LOVE-LETTER-FOR-YOU.TXT.vbs -> Worm.LoveLetter.dm : No action taken.
A:\Blaster.exe -> Worm.Lovesan.a : No action taken.
A:\Data.txt Prime example of moving the .exe over so much that you can't see it. -> .exe -> Worm.NetSky.aa : No action taken.
A:\Nimda.eml -> Worm.Nimda : No action taken.
A:\Sasser.B.exe -> Worm.Sasser.a : No action taken.

::Report end

So just happy Floppy Disking :)

Fame ! Where are the chicks?!
Fame ! Where are the chicks?!
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Completely destroy?
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Sounds like pointless, random anarchy.

Eh..someone might be interested, though :P
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