they're trying to rip me off....

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they're trying to rip me off....

Post by bad_brain »

ok, yesterday my monthly phone bill arrived, usually it's between 50-60 euro....but this time it's 973 euro!! 2 companies are trying to rip me off, first one is the British Telecom Germany, 2nd one is MCI Worldcom Deutschland.
I use call-by-call for internet access btw.
so, I called up BT Germany and all they said was "we'll check it"...I looked around on the net a little and found that I'm not the only one who has trouble with BT....I searched a little more and found the real owner of this service (BT Germany is just providing the network services):
Dr. Markus Beforth
this fuckin' criminal (nobody even knows where he got his Dr. title) tried similar stuff already in the past (on sexhotlines for example), I sent him a letter where I demand the full connection listings and a technical report which proofs the proper function of his service, both is my legal right as I found out.

the 2nd company (MCI) reacted a little different on the phone "oh, yes, we know we made an error"...and they said they would send the money back in 1-2 months (that's ridiculous), luckily I stopped the money transfers to both companies immedeately....I sent the same report requests to MCI too.
the fun part is that both companies are using the same company to retrieve their money: ....random? I don't think so...
well, now all I can do is waiting for their replies.... :roll:

at least it was an opportunity to talk to my dad about my phone connection, he agreed with making a contract under his name for me with the german t-com (I had some trouble with them some years ago, so I can't do it by myself) I'll finally have a nice DSL connection soon...

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Post by Stavros »

As I see it this could be the source of the problem. Both companies share a common thread and both screwed up. That said, I think I would be a little more lenient towards MCI since they acknowledged that they screwed up.

Everything else: Woohoo! Go Bad_Brain! DSL for the win!

Way Late Edit: Don't get me wrong I'd still be super pissed. 900 Euro is a shitload o' cash.
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Post by floodhound2 »

This is what I was talking about in the poll [what are you]

black hat
grey hat
white hat

I get screwed all the time here in America. I can only take so much, and then I snap, got to go dirty on people also. I recently got my bank card number stolen and some fool racked up a $400 dollar purchase it took months before I was reimbursed. Come to find out it was a banking error. All the time I had to eat beans and tuna.

Perhaps the company’s use these errors to get a profit for a few months or so.

Example Company “so and so” charges several thousand innocent people and then says it was our fault we will reimburse you soon, or we will look into it. Meanwhile a few months pass and the short investment on your money gives them millions. Money they invest into some high interest gaining account. It revolves also from you this year to your neighbor the next.

Am I paranoid?

I feel your pain and pissed nature bad_brain !


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Post by z3mwaz »

its all one huge scam by the banks, credit card companies, and all the rest.

just think about it,
if i owned a credit company and want to skim money but not get caught what could i do...
clam ID fraud and say that the money was stolen, while all along i was investin the money for the 2-4 months that it takes to get it back to the owner.
two words "American Goverment"
the signs are all around
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