Verizon Programing menu and Motorola e815 opcodes

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Verizon Programing menu and Motorola e815 opcodes

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well donno if any of you know this but buy pressing the menu button key then press 0 you'll be asked to put in a secuity code which is 0000000 (i'm not sure how many but the code is all 0's) and the Motorola e815 you have to enter a code to reach the programming menu to do the just hit the menu button followed by 073887* then enter the security code

play around with it see what you can find all i really know how to do is change the sound quality and make it a little better


well i dont know what all phones have these but i know on mine which is the Motorola e815 anyways

hit the menu button follow by 0HUBME* (HUBME=48263) and you should be given a screen i guess you'd cll that says OPcode......enter 54* and you screen should black out use the camera button on the side of you phone to turn the backlight back on and your screen should say "Success" with the word back above the left button on you phone....

so go back and here you can enter OPcodes to play with yoour phone you can do things like turn the vibratation on and off
mess with pixels on your screen turn then speaker volumes up to 15 ect.

here are some of the opcodes..taken from: ... s/#more-82

0*0*0 Select tone 0
0*0*1 Select tone 1
0*0*2 Select tone 2
0*0*3 Select tone 3
0*0*4 Select tone 4
0*0*5 Select tone 5
0*0*6 Select tone 6
0*0*7 Select tone 7
0*0*8 Select tone 8
0*0*9 Select tone 9
3*0*1 Enable vibrator
3*0*0 Disable vibrator
4*3*1 Enable speech coder full rate Audio loopback
4*3*0 Disable speech coder full rate
4*4*1 Enable speech coder enhanced full rate
4*4*0 Disable speech coder enhanced full rate
4*5*1 Enable speech coder half rate
4*5*0 Disable speech coder half rate
5*0*0 Set audio level 0
5*0*1 Set audio level 1
5*0*2 Set audio level 2
5*0*3 Set audio level 3
5*0*4 Set audio level 4
5*0*5 Set audio level 5
5*0*6 Set audio level 6
5*0*7 Set audio level 7
5*0*8 Set audio level 8
5*0*9 Set audio level 9
5*0*10 Set audio level 10
5*0*11 Set audio level 11
5*0*12 Set audio level 12
5*0*13 Set audio level 13
5*0*14 Set audio level 14
5*0*15 Set audio level 15
6*2*2*0*0 Set Audio Path. Int Mic, IntSpk, RX unmute, TX unmute
6*4*6*0*0 Set Audio Path. Boom Mic, Boom Spk, RX unmute, TX unmute
18*0 Initialize non-volatile memory (Master Reset)
18*1 Initialize Non-volatile memory (Master Clear)
55*2*001 Test Display. All pixels ON
55*2*000 Test Display. All pixels OFF
55*2*002 Test Display. Checkerboard pattern A
55*2*003 Test Display. Checkerboard pattern B
55*2*004 Test Display. Border pixels ON

not sure what all phones if any other than the E815 that these codes work on test them out

programming menu i think should work with most version phones

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Post by bad_brain »

wow, that's nice....this new phreaking stuff is a little too high for me, I'm still stuck with removing the SIM-lock from my 3510i... :oops: :lol:

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