Need a bit of help :( --> i realy do !!!

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Need a bit of help :( --> i realy do !!!

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ok .. so i love online games like mmorpg .. there are great games .. but .. i play a game from thailand ..(made in Correa ) and i want to "hack" it beacause thai people don't want to share items in game with outsiders , that's not feer . I used some program ... based on proxy but didn't work like it should .... with that i just warp in game and have reflect .. but it wasn't good. SO!! i need some informations... if you guys can help me .. thanks !.. oo .. and by the way , the game name is "Laghaim"

Fame ! Where are the chicks?!
Fame ! Where are the chicks?!
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No Can Do

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Hey Vaan Did You Read Suck-o's Rules?

3. No explicit questions, such as 'can someone hack' or 'how do i hack', etc. We are not here to do work for you, but to help you on your way to learn how to do it yourself. Nor do we support the defacing, or hacking of websites.

I'm Afraid You're On The Wrong Site Sorry. :twisted: :evil:
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