Photoshop CS2 for dummies 2005 (Book)

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Photoshop CS2 for dummies 2005 (Book)

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Want to learn Photoshop CS2 the easy way? What if one book combined the proven For Dummies style -- simple, readable, fun -- with full, vibrant color that’s a pleasure to learn from? What if it was authored by a world-renowned Photoshop instructor? And it cost less than you expected?

You’d check it out. And you’d be glad you did. This book’s been crafted from the ground up for Photoshop CS2: new author, text, images, layout, format, and loads of new features. (For instance: the super-handy Adobe Bridge file manager, and the nifty Vanishing Point, which lets you paint or paste elements that automatically match the surrounding perspective.)

419's a very good book...hope it's of help....

Download Here

Fame ! Where are the chicks?!
Fame ! Where are the chicks?!
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so not to offend you or anything but... i think do not have to read that book. cause i have taken the abode photshop 8.0 CS education here in denmark so.... and belive me it's bloody hard! you have do the hardest thing ever like doing a .gif file that it is so highly full of grafik and stuff... so
try this:

on this theres a lot of tuts that you can educate your self with it only works with Adobe Photoshop 8.0 cs. at least i think so or something

try it out
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