VB Zipping Application

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Dr. Mab
Dr. Mab
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VB Zipping Application

Post by maboroshi »

Ok so I started learning visual basic just for something to do

I managed to build a small app that is for zipping files and directories however I have not implemented the zipping functionality because I can not find any info on using the win xp compression tool for zipping the App

all the info I found was for commercial extensions and the free ones I found you need to place a dll in your windows system drive and I am not advanced enough to use an installer

Does anyone here have any info on using the microsoft compression libraries for VB

I thought about using the Shell whatever command but that would mean my app would just be a shiny gui for an existing application

So I would prefer to use a library

Any Ideas



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Post by Nerdz »

Maybe you can try www.msdn.com ? I know one of my friend who's good in VB is always there :P
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