New here

For beginners, flames not allowed...(just by the staff :P)
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New here

Post by goldenstar27 »

Hi. I am Goldenstar. This is all new to me, but also exciting. I ran into this site from a program that wants to stay anonymous. I can see why. I plan on coming around more often. This is so exciting, not a boring place at all.

Fame ! Where are the chicks?!
Fame ! Where are the chicks?!
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Post by PLeXroD »

hello goldstar...the most heartly welcome to the forums to you i hope you will find it interesting to be in here... so where ever you come from you are pretty much welcome in here.. :lol: :wink:

so what and which kind of lang. to you talk... and can you write a homepage or are just as simpel as it can be in here to start from the begin just like me?

but anyway welcom yet another time and ill and the rest of the forum will look forward to hav your coments placed around the corners of

your sincerly plexrod
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