Fear my newbishness

For beginners, flames not allowed...(just by the staff :P)
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Fear my newbishness

Post by Raikou »

I see all those keygens for programs and whatnot out there. I'm wondering, how people make those? Is it pretty hard? do you need to know alot about programming?

Fame ! Where are the chicks?!
Fame ! Where are the chicks?!
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Post by PLeXroD »

for the first i havent seen you around here before so i will say Welocem to the boards mate have a look around!....
and then yes you will need alot of programming lang. and yes its hard for a beginner... id tryed once but it diddn't work out plus actually i tryed out 50 times to make a .dll file you a crack for at game... a crack so that wouldnt need to put my cdrom into the D: drive every time i would like to play the game... ti diddn't work out instead of making that noCD crack i'd make a faulty game...
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