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Re: Movies

Post by LaBlueGirl »

Oooh, "Catch Me..." was a good one, and I LOATHE DiCaprio.
"Hackers" did for hacking what "The Craft" did for paganism:) A good movie, but...weeeellll...'nuff said:)

Tron is a classic (I remember watching it as a kid!)
The first Matrix was good b/c it was unique, after that they all sucked serious ass (imho). I only really like the Animatrix after that (not much computer goings-on, though).
Just Googling and taking the first hit, I get this:
Worth checking out, esp "2001 Space Odyssey" (seen it) and Blade Runnner (read it).

The Net was decent, I saw it a few years ago.....It is difficult for me to take her seriously in other roles since I have seen too many "Miss Congeniality"'s and "Speed"'s <chuckle>
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Post by Stavros »

Chuch Norris is the only man who understands the end of "2001: A Space Oddesy.

But seriously, how did Die Hard earn a spot on that list? Manchurian Candidate is worth watching IMO. I barely remember seeing THX 1138, but from what I remember it's good.

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