WPA-PSK and WEP work arounds?

No explicit questions like "how do I hack xxx.com" please!
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WPA-PSK and WEP work arounds?

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does anyone know how to get past or get the password on a WPA-PSK password protected or the WEP encription router. I don't know that i would ever really need to do this but I kinda want to do it to my own router just to know it can be done.

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passwords for wifi routers

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One of the current tactics is searching the manufactor's website for default passwords and installation software dowloads:

http://www.linksys.com/servlet/Satellit ... torWrapper

That linksys site also has live chat, where you might social engineer to help you hack a router lol.


Netgear's tech support site says this:

Forgotten or Lost Router Password What do I do after I get online?

Set up your security. By default, routers are in an unsafe configuration. Read Improving Your Default Security for an explanation, and simple instructions about how to be safer.

:arrow: The router username is always admin
The default password is password or (for older routers) 1234
Try the default username and password before resetting the router to the factory defaults.

When a router resets, it goes back to the state when it was new — all information that was entered by hand is lost! Examples are critical things you need to get online, such as ISP username, ISP password, IP addresses, security keys, and ports and services that were opened. It all needs to be re-entered.

How helpful..... :twisted:


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