Which port to hack?

No explicit questions like "how do I hack xxx.com" please!
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Hacking lives..

Post by DNR »

Brother hacker,
I think you will be a fine hacker someday, you have the right attitude. Don't worry about age, language or borders here, brains matter here.

Ethereal is free, and can be easily found if you search for it. Other tools you might find in downloads.Read and understand the basics of TCP/IP so you know what you are doing. You have to understand how the bits move down the wire.

Not to plug my site, but think of it as a nfo-mation portal:
Some text maybe outdated, and no tools.

You have to do your own study, read text files, and books. How much study means the difference between a skript k1dd1e or a real hacker.

Don't tell people you are a hacker, if they don't know, they won't understand.

Ethics will determine if you will be a White hat or Black hat hacker.

Hack the World
He gives wisdom to the wise and knowledge to the discerning. He reveals deep and hidden things; he knows what lies in Darkness, and Light dwells with him.

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Post by FrankB »

No the "search lores" where not ment as a pun or a joke, i just misspelled it, should be "searchlores".

I never joke, well.. not with those people.
Glad Wiki helped you.

And for Bbrain : sorry, to step over on your own downloads here: i didn't know there where ones available on TCP/IP.
Promote it better, man! :-):-)
Make a fylthy flashy banner or so "NEW SUCK-O DOWNLOADS HERE FOR FREE, NO SHIPPING !" :-)

For the rest, what DNR said.
n00b of other n00b.

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Post by Lyecdevf »

Oh, yeah! Searchlores that is. I think that I found what you wanted me to.

Thanks for refering to me as a brother. As I understand you are offering your site for me to test out my knowledge?! That is awfully nice of you.

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