Can't format HDD

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Can't format HDD

Post by ayu »

I have Windows atm, and i want to start using Linux because Windows sucks ass. The problem is that i can't format the Harddrive :/

i have Windows XP Home edition

i have tried the following

Booting from the windows disc and entering the installation then formathing then taking out the disc b4 it starts the installation, but it doesnt work.

i can't take out the harddrive and put it in another pc for formating since it is a lapptopp.

the computer does not have a floppy, neither does my another computer.

What should i do?

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Post by FrankB »

What do you exactly want to do now ?

1) refromat your disk for a dual-boot
2) refromat your disk for the fun of having it refromatted and still using XP ?
3) just erase all and install linux ?

In case it is not 2, then you might try the following:
- as soon as computer boots : press F2 or F12 or any key that leads to the manufactor's BIOS.
- change the order as follows :
1. boot from CD device
2. floppy/other
3. disk/other
just make shure that CD is on top.
- exit and save, reboot WITH cd in appropriate drive.

If that still doesn't works, depending on the linux distru you have, you might try to start-up with the second CD of your linux distro.

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Fame ! Where are the chicks?!
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How To Format Windows

Post by Chaos1986 »

Step One: Go To The BIOS Set The Primary Boot Device To CD-ROM
Step Two: Place Your CD-ROM In The Drive
Step Three: Reboot
Step Four: Allow Windows To Start The Setup (You Should Get A Screen That Shows Your Current Windows Installation
Step Five:Warning Only Do The Followin If You Want To Remove Windows And Not Dual Boot
Step Six: At The Menu Of Current Partions Select Your Windows PArtion And Press D Then Follow The Wizard The Comes After.
Now You Can Install Linix.
If This Helps Please PM ME! :twisted:
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Laptop Propriety 'restore' CDs

Post by DNR »

ITs a laptop - the CDROM could be propriety software - it forces a certain installation - like not giving the option to partition. Meaning, yes it has windows on it, but it is a _Laptop Restoration CD_ it is not a stand-alone windows disk.

I might be wrong, since I am not 'there' with your lappie and all your disks. Perhaps a third party partitioning software should be used?

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