Heelo i wanna make a safe hacking telnet server

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Fame ! Where are the chicks?!
Fame ! Where are the chicks?!
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Heelo i wanna make a safe hacking telnet server

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helo yes thats the topic name
any ideas? i would like if the server didnt gave access to my computer and that it could have the port 25 mail thing, and the port 110 login thing, the qotd, adn the usual stuff.

another thing i would like is:

i have a computer i usually use at school i would like to have access to it so i can retrieve my files, i already have the IP (wanna know? :)

id apreciate if u knew how i could get full access to the computer

P.S.: i can get physichal access for 15-45 minutes, the OS is win XP, the computer is linked to a HUB or a router, and the account in that computer is the normal guest account of winXP

i have the following programs:

Angry IP scanner
1st port scanner
amok binder

another thing....
one option could be a rat but the anitvir finds the rat imideatly when i plug the pen drive or the floopy i tried a root but then the rat i use opens a window and everyone can see it on the screen...HELP!

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