So, why'd you guys get into hacking or programming?

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So, why'd you guys get into hacking or programming?

Post by Gogeta70 »

As the title says, why did all of you guys introduce yourselves to hacking and/or programming?

Here's my story:

About 6 years ago, when i was ten years old, i found a website that "hacked" other sites. Little did i know, it was a site that had an IE exploit (good thing i was aol, lol). Anyways, from that day on, i was interested in HOW it did what it did. I'm one of those people that always ask "Why," and "How". Anyways, i'd surf from website to website, and eventually found some "1337 h4ck1ng t00lz m4n!!1!11!!!1!111".

Among those tools were, a trojan horse, port scanner, brute forcer(brutus), a "virus" or worm maker. Most of these files i received from a website where 95% of all files are virus infected themselves. I went about this for... about 2 years. Then i piece of junk computer that was 7 years old at the time CRASHED. I was devastated. Then, about 2-3 months later, my parents got a DELL!!! ("dude, i got a dell!!!" lol, we got it when those commercials were goin around).

I was so excited... I continued my script kiddie ravage until i came upon a website called HackThisSite!, when i started asking questions there, i was told that i'm not a hacker, i'm a script kiddie. I asked what that was, and after a bit of laughing from everyone, they said that a script kiddie is "Someone with little to no programming experience, uses other people's programs without knowing how they do what they do, and doesn't even know some of the simpler tricks of a computer.

They're people that simply have an infatuation for malicious acts." I realized that i was somwhat of a person like that and started changing my ways, and then i learned C++ all the way up to complete console knowlege. I quit at windows api because i didn't find it worth it. Anyways, i quit programming for about a year but didn't touch my tools. Instead, i went and read. Alot. I read a shitload. My friends thought i was insane. Anyways, i'm getting close to where i am today... So eventually i found some other hacking communities, Found and started learning PHP.

I am now PHP king, i can practically do anything. Then i found you guys and saw that this is a small community that could use some "non-skiddie" experience. So i just came here and started helping the script kiddies here and eventually got to know the main people that post here (bad_brain, Circuitb0mb, labluegirl, n3rd(or nerdz, can't remember), and nerdzoncrack(i think that's his name...))

Anyways, that's just to name a few. Anyways, i'm here today, helping out when i can, and learning all that i can still. Anyways, what about you guys, what's your story?
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Post by EMP »

From Circuitbomb: (using friends account at his house because i cant remember 20 pws with 20 variant characters of uppercase and lowercase)

um well i was about 11 yrs old when my grandfather got an old 256 and since i first heard the word "computer" i had this uncanny ability to understand and know how to use them...lets just say i went into the basement and threw the computer together and turned it on and voila!

Dos Prompt

my first command prompt

my first command was "help" and it all took flight after that, ever since that fateful day in my grandfathers basement ive been deeply into computers. My interest into the other areas grew and before i knew it i was using experience grew as i was capable to access the net, and for a while i was very into phone's and phone technology, I turned into a "phreak", ive beige boxed (the ol trusty linemans handset) , red boxed and created various other components for my phone arsenal, that i actually didnt use often (red and beige were my biggest) i created a beige box that was made from a cordless phone and the button pad strapped onto your wrist. From this i started tuning my Social Engineering capabilities, operators are n00bs...

not really anymore...old school phreaking is dead

I returned to my computer roots, and started reading and the emergence of AOL 3.0 caught my attention...i phished with a buddy of mine and then started cracking passwords using phished Earthlink accounts which allowed me not to dial-up using an AOL access number...then i discovered Visual Basic and my buddy (the one whos account im using right now) and I started messing with it and a new world of fun came rushing through...we wrote punter apps, crackers, phishers, TOS'ers and room busters all the way till AOL 5.0...and around this same time i discovered IRC, which made me hate AOL...

right around this time i learned HTML about 15/16yrs old(yes thats right, an OOP was my first programming language 8) )

Mirc was something new, thats when i was starting to really get into Warez and mp3's, i frequented Dalnet and Efnet with homemade scripts, i eventually ran a fileserver serving up all manner of apps and games

i turned from this as the world started to really get pissed at piracy, so i started wardialing, my first computer i found was actually in my local phone exchange and was a computer at my local library and easily enough the login was "crelib" and the pass was "library"...n00bs the library computers were fun for about an hour.

then my interest dissipated for a while, about 2-4 some years i was completely infused with partying it up with my mates...(high school can have a weird effect)

drinking, smoking, sex and rock n roll became my life for a while (you know what i mean by smoking :lol: )

then after highschool i came back, at the end of my senior year i worked for company in Cleveland Ohio writing Visual Basic test apps for their new software libraries and hardware products, this job made me completely dispise cubicles, but fortunatly it was here i had my first run in with Linux, and it hated me...

also here it was the first time i really got into graphic design

a few years passed and i really didnt do a whole lot except fix my friends computers and make webpages

about the beginning of last year is when i started delving back into the Hacking/Security scene and ive learned alot since i came back...ive been utilizing various tools like nmap and ethereal to recon networks and packets and played around with XSS and some injection...when i found suck-o i found my place and here i am, Flyninja is a direct result of my being here.

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Post by Necrix »

hmm...I supose I can do a quick overview while I wait for some files to finish DLing...

My mom is into computers.
We got one pretty early in my life.(maybe at age 6-8)
I started off playing games. (lol..of course.)
Jazz Jackrabbit, Spitwad, etc.
I always did like taking stuff apart and figuring out how they worked..then trying to alter them.
As the years went by...I learned all of the basics to mom sorta helping out along the way..answering random questions I had.

*** There's alot I don't rememer..haha ***

I got into making graphix..but hadn't decided that's what I wanted to really they weren't that great..but I had alot of them, and I was getting better. Along the way, still learning little tricks to PCs..mainly just chatting with friends on AIM, etc..

For the most part, I haven't even heard of hacking...let alone know what it was. Once I've heard about it a few times, I decided to look it up. Since then, I started recognizing it alot more.
They would mention it on my Local News about how a teenager got suspended or worse for breaking into the school comptuers..or whatever it was they did.
I would start seeing it more and more online.
After a my mind..I figured hacking was a bad thing. And, while I didn't think too much of doing some illegal my mind.. I saw hacking as one of the most illegal, one that I prolly shouldn't mess with.
***Again..I forgot alot***
Of feelings changed rather quickly.
I found myself looking for forums..
I found
It seemed like the coolest fucking site in the world.
The download section looked like an Anarchist Cookbook...
THe forums looked full of "l337 hackers"
(actually..I never quite liked friend told me about it long before I discovered hacking...i just never really liked it as much as other people)

My first quesiton on BlackCode was asking about "How I could decompile a trojan". lol I wanted to learn how they worked so I could also learn how to take them apart and make then NOT work. I was told it's best just to delete them ;) lmao.

Not long after I joined..
BlackCode had a module that listed people who were currently on the site.
I decided to randomly PrivateMessage one and ask them about hacking.
And...who was it than I randomly decided to speak to?
Bad_Brain was his screen name :D
I was nervous about mentioning hacking :p ...
My screenname/1st"hacking-alias" was Necrosis or NecrosisPlague
so I pretty much PMed him wondering if it was safe to talk about hacking.
I asked something along the lines of "Is this forum about hacking?..."
eh...something like that :p
"Well..hacking is a very broad subject" he answered, and also inthe message explaining what it could be seen as, etc.(or...something close to it)

We continued speaking. I continued learning. I was here when Suck-O was a "Coming Soon" page. :) I watched it grow into what it is now.
Heh..even helped a little(I'm just not quite active is a busy hell) I said..there's alot more to mind's just too focused in the
now and it's relation to thefuture to worry about the past.

Later All.
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