Get your computer frozen and wheeping with Perl :-)

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Get your computer frozen and wheeping with Perl :-)

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Do not try this on a computer you really need !

Windows 98/9x/Se/XP
copy & paste any useful/useless *.exe file to C:\\
(or to a path easy to remember).
open Notepad :
code :

Code: Select all

#!C:/Perl   #or whatever path to Perl PATH
my $scream="myexe.exe";  #give 'myexe'  the name of your Cut&Patesd exe
open EEEK,"<$scream";
Save somewhere with "*.pl" extension or whatever you have set Perl to register its executables in your PATH.

Click on it and step two feet away from your computer.

Make it worse:

Code: Select all

#C:/perl  #or whateer shebang line
use IO::File;
 $fh = new IO::File;
           if ($fh->open("< $scream")) {
Effect : Windows freezes (definitely with huge exe's) and the system sounds yells contuniously at unsupportable decibels.
Use : a good excuse to avoid a boring meeting like "Hey, my computer ! I have to fix this, do you hear THAT??!".
Payroll : aspirin.

Tomorrow : how to go barbarious and get your boss offer you at least a month on relaxation holliday.

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