Good Website For Required Files CHECK OUT!

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Fame ! Where are the chicks?!
Fame ! Where are the chicks?!
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Good Website For Required Files CHECK OUT!

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Are You Missing Any .DLLS :?: We All Download Something At One Time Or Another And It Says Can't Find ----.dll. Man I Hate That :evil: I Download A Program And Expect It To Have All The Necessary Files. Well If Anyone Has This Problem And Can't Find The File They Need Or Doesn't Want To Spend Hours Looking For It Have I Got The Answer For You! :D
Just Click The Link And Type The Name Of The Missing .DLL. They Even Have Online Chats For Support. :!: Now For The Link

Code: Select all 
Hope This Helps! :D :twisted: :evil:
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Lol, it sounds like you're advertising that website... which has been around for quite a while now (i used it when i was a script kiddie). Anyways, good link.
¯\_(ツ)_/¯ It works on my machine...

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