Extended rules for this board, read first!

Here you can show your site or search/offer jobs.
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Extended rules for this board, read first!

Post by bad_brain »

These are the Suck-o rules. Read them, and follow them. If you break these rules, there will be consequences.

1. There will be no harassment of any user on the suck-o forums. Such actions include the private messaging of insults, flaming, and degrading the user behind their back.

2. You will not supply, or ask for cracks, keygens, serials, or fully functioning programs (that should cost money) on these forums. Suck-o is not here to encourage the malicous and illegal activity of hacking, but to teach all sides of it, for the purpose of helping others.

3. No explicit questions, such as 'can someone hack www.somesite.com' or 'how do i hack www.blah.com', etc. We are not here to do work for you, but to help you on your way to learn how to do it yourself. Nor do we support the defacing, or hacking of websites.

4. You should not ask for any form of authority on the suck-o forums, or website. Contributing to the forums and its users will surely make you noticed by the staff members, and you will probably be offered a position, depending on the average content of your posts.

5. Do not advertise. Suck-o is not a link exchange, so don't post a topic just to get people to go to your website. If you want to advertise something, put it in your signature, or profile, that's what they're there for.

6. You are not to re-open any old topics to where it is clear that they aren't being discussed any further. Doing so is very annoying, and repeated occurrences will probably get you either suspended or banned. However, if you have more to contribute to the topic (make sure it's something helpful), then feel free to start a new topic about it.

7. Type in regular, normal, english to the best of your ability. When it looks like you took the time to type to the best of your ability, it makes it look like you're more willing to learn more and put time into whatever you're searching for. So none of that "1337 5p34k" aight? And none of this "Do U nO wOt ...," it's unneeded and a definite eyesore.

besides the standard rules there are some extra rules for THIS board:

- users with less than 20 posts are not allowed to promote their sites here.
but please don´t try to be smart and submit 20 alibi-posts now..;)
exceptions are only possible when you have the explicit "ok" of a
staff member.

- no matter how much posts, sites with the following content will not be
promoted here:
* porn
* yahoo-related (booters, etc.)
* warez/crackz/serials

- every submission will be checked by the staff, sites which don´t fit into
the ethics which suck-o stand for will be deleted.

- suck-o is a non-commercial site, so we can not be held responsible
for any form of business which is done here.
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On the way to fame!
On the way to fame!
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Post by H4evr »

Let's hope people respect this rules.

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Post by mystikblaze »

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Fame ! Where are the chicks?!
Fame ! Where are the chicks?!
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Post by Chaos1986 »

H4evr wrote:Let's hope people respect this rules.
Well If They Don't Bad_Brain Or Maybe Gogeta70 Will Delet Their Link. So People Please Read The Rules Carefuly :twisted: :evil:
If Man Made It Man Can Crack Or Hack It & If You Want To Be A True Hacker You Need To Keep Your Mind Open And Always Be Willing To Learn

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Post by Gogeta70 »

Damn right! (posting so people will read this before posting, hopefully.)
¯\_(ツ)_/¯ It works on my machine...

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Fame ! Where are the chicks?!
Fame ! Where are the chicks?!
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Post by Losing_grip »

8O I was going to post my free forum link but it contain a little "warez link"
So id rather not post it sicne it will get removed sooner or later. =]

Nice rules btw :lol:

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