Overtaker mirc

No explicit questions like "how do I hack xxx.com" please!
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On the way to fame!
On the way to fame!
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Overtaker mirc

Post by ajunix »

hey guys, im seach a pwange takeover mirc (or script). maybe some of u nice guys got it? I really need it.


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Post by Nerdz »

I don't remember how to code into irc but... There are several way to do it...

I use to takeover some channel on Undernet with friend. But forget it if thay have a X. Or try to get a account and password with some social engineiring.

You can spam stuff like hey join #test,0 they will left all chan and when it's empty, just quit and come back to get your @.

Stick on a chan with a friend and when you lick them enough, they'll op you. In order:

-Deop all the other except you( at the same time so if they have anti-to protection, they are useless)
- Op your friend... maybe they will try to flood or nuke you
- Put a simple bot or 2 on it and have fun

Ps: Don't forget it suck being toed and they will probably target you... You never know who's behind the screen ^_-
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