News: When crackers and developers got confused

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News: When crackers and developers got confused

Post by FrankB »

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"Crack Killer is a database application that enables software authors to track and report web sites hosting cracks, serials and pirated versions of their software.

:-) Yay ! an E-Patriot Act : "that concurrent business have cracked us !"
Do you think Yahoo! uses that against Google ? , Apple against Sun maybe ?

"Crack Killer has several useful features. HTML pages of pirate software links can be quickly imported into the software. Filters can be set to show only a desired subset of pirate sites."

Cool, now the ex thief becomes the best rentacop and then back a shoplifter or what ?

Law states that you have to know what is on your hard drives, so folks : the good news is : download this tool and put all your nasty crack&-warez links there. When the police comes in and asks you for your reasons, just say cheerfully : "I have that list sir, so i can track who cracks my software".

(prolly the only good usage of that stupidity )

dep. of n00biology.

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Post by Stavros »

Like all man-made invetions it is not a perfect system (unlike some would believe). I'd like to see someone crack this.

An easy circumvention without having a crack: serialz. Problem solved.

It's like CircuitB0mB once said, "Who's to stop the person who bought the software from copying it and giving it to a friend with the working serial (assuming its something that isn't a multiplayer game. Example:A program like Nero.) And their friends giving copies of that copy away.

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