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What I remember seeing from American tv (born and raised in the South, bay-bee) were bindhi's, sometimes turbans.

Even in the news ( like cnn.com and *sometimes* the Guardian) isn't much except Bollywood and mostly to do with money.

I have no opinion about Indians in general.
In Elementary school the only friend I had who didn't make fun of me was Indian.
Met her again in middle school. I learned a bit from her and her family.

I live in Brussels, Belgium now and have gained a deeper and a new perspective on life here in Europe and life as an American, too.

I am glad you are here and I don't give a shit where you come from.

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isapiens wrote:Honeslty i dont like helping indians or asians because they are always very picky and always have to get the cheapest stuff.
I live that experience very often and i must say, it is merely a culture thingie :
When you enter a carpet store or car retail store or convenient store run by Persians or Arabs and accept the price they ask for an item just like that, then they think you are a fool.
They want you to argue about the prise - commerce - man, commerce, never accept the prise as is. Int he Western culture, we are used to see a tag on an item that gives *the* prise of a merchantile item. I think.. we are, as Western civilidiots, the *only* culture that puts prise tags on merchandise and barely argue over them. All over the world, just *anything* is discussed in money ratio: Africa, South America, Asia, Middle East and even East-Europe.
Mostly because 2/3 (the rest of the world) works on a *real* free market principe while the West, well, it just got industrialised and assumes any prise as granted for the true value of an item in a shop because unions and laws have said it is that and not cheaper, he who sells cheaper is in distrust, against the governement, against the lobbies etc..... : we are consumers, unaware of the real cost/value ratio and generaly just un-aware of the real value of acquired goods.
That is a whole other debate indeed.
Speaking in stereotypes, the mainstream non-Western individual has a very high opinion of being a succesful merchand, in India, "merchant" is a cast, a rank on its own, but a merchant who sells authentic or foul merchandise, in Morrocco, a merchand's word is more important than the police, just to say.

It is all so different, inWestern culture, really absurd : one goes to court, lawyers and trials when he `suddenly notices' he has been fooled for a prise, the quality, the service,..*after* he baught the item (yes go figure..)

In most of the Orient : one *discusses* all that untill a firm verbal agreement and then buys the stuff he wants and barely no court, no UNO, no whatsoever can break that comittment.


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